Thank you so much for your interest in helping us!  To give you a little background, our company was founded by a former classroom teacher (with a Master's in Science Education -- which is why so many of our titles have an emphasis on STEM).  Our books are available worldwide in stores, schools, libraries, gift shops, and more.  All of our books align with Common Core and most additionally align with National Science Standards.  The list of standards each book aligns with is available once the book is complete -- the same is true of the Lexile and the Guided Reading Level for each book.  

Because our books are educational in nature, we are marketing to teachers, schools, and homeschoolers.  As such, we anticipate that many educators will be interested in resources beyond what we've created ourselves.  This is the basis for our TpT program -- to create more resources for our books in a way that is mutually advantageous!

TpT program benefits

  • Free hardcover books!  You will get a free hardcover copy of each book you choose to create resources for.  The sample book(s) will be shipped to you for free anywhere in the world.  Our books are available worldwide so we are happy to work with reviewers all over the world.
  • 50-60% off of our other titles.  If you create a free + paid resource for one of our books you will qualify for 50% off any purchases of our remaining titles.  If you regularly support us (create resources for 2+ books and/or regularly share our books (with Amazon Affiliate links is great)), you'll qualify for 60% of our remaining titles.  All of your purchases at either discount rate will be shipped anywhere in the US for free (shipped outside the US at-cost).
  • 1 in 10 of our books are donated to First Book.  By increasing the resources available for our books, you're helping us sell more books and in turn help kids in need.  We work with First Book, the leading non-profit in the US for matching children and schools in need with high quality, new books.  (Side note: if any of you teach in low-income schools or have friends that do and aren't familiar with First Book, we highly encourage you to check it out -- it's an amazing program!)
  • Free clip art from the books for printables.  Upon request we can provide both color clip art and black and white line art from our books if you'd like to create a printable for use with one of our titles.  The clip art must be used in a way that promotes the book it's from.  You are free to make free or paid printables with the clip art once you've made your requisite free resource.
  • Shares of your TpT products for the book on The Innovation Press and/or Fun at Home with Kids social media accounts.  
  • Links to your TpT products from our book websites.  We'll also share a link to any resources you create for the book, free or paid, on the book's website -- that way teachers and parents looking for additional resources visit your site.  All resources -- free or otherwise -- will always remain on your site.  We will never distribute them from our site.  We want this to be a win-win, so we'll be sending people to your TpT stores and/or websites to get the resources.
  • Permission to use interior shots on blog posts.  If you have a blog and would like to review the book or share it in some way alongside your created products, we will grant you permission to share several interior photos.  We also have the first several pages of each of our books available in a PDF that you are welcome to share as a download from your site or via social media.  You are always welcome to share an Amazon Affiliate link to the book listing whenever you'd like.

What we ask...

To start with our program, select one book that you'd like create a resource or resources for.  Upon receiving the book, we ask that you:

  1. You create one FREE resource.  That's it!  After that you are free to create paid resources and we will link to them and promote them.  The free resource will remain on your website or store.  The book website will link to you.  You will be the one distributing the resources you create.
  2. You will consider providing a short, honest review of the book on Amazon once the reviews are unlocked.  
  3. You will consider sharing the book on your social media platforms (with your Amazon Affiliate link is great)!

We are always excited to meet new TpT members -- if you have any friends that might be interested in sharing our books, please send them our way!

TPT Application

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Mailing Address (where you want the copy of the book sent)
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New members are limited to one book to start. Once you have completed the resources for your book, you may request more of our titles. Which book would you like to begin with?
A sample of each book can be accessed at the Google Drive link listed alongside the title below.