Dandelion Bubbles, Rain Drums, Seed Bomb Lollipops and more!

Bursting with creative hands-on outdoor science and art activities, A Little Bit of Dirt is full of motivation to get outside and explore. Whether you're investigating the health of your local stream, making beautiful acrylic sunprints with leaves and flowers, running an experiment with your backyard birds, or concocting nature potions, you'll be fostering an important connection with nature. The engaging activities encourage the use of the senses and imagination and are perfect for all ages. Discover more about the natural world waiting just outside your door!

ISBN 978-1943147045


"Helping a child forge deep connections with nature is among the most powerful and lasting gifts that any of us can give. An essential ingredient on this journey is abundant, hands-on experiences in nearby nature. In this delightful book, Asia Citro offers up a smorgasbord of engaging activities, many of them marrying art and science as a catalyst to wonder. With A Little Bit of Dirt in your hands, you’re well on your way to becoming a star nature mentor for the kids in your life!"

—Scott D. Sampson
host of the hit PBS KIDS series Dinosaur Train
and author of How to Raise a Wild Child

“Spending time in nature can be a great way for parents and children to connect. Often, however, today’s parents feel unsure about how to guide their children’s time in nature so that it is meaningful and leads to a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Luckily, Asia Citro’s new book A Little Bit of Dirt will guide, inspire, and encourage you to spend more time in nature as a family. This resourceful book contains many exciting project ideas designed to engage children and their parents while providing valuable lessons about nature and its processes. The Extensions ideas in each chapter are a wonderful way to scaffold the learning and increase children’s problem solving skills through open-ended questions.”

—Erin Kenny
Director of Cedarsong Nature School
Author of Forest Kindergartens: The Cedarsong Way

“Asia Citro’s newest bookA Little Bit of Dirt hits the right mark for giving parents, kids, and families simple and tangible ways for connecting with nature―just beyond the doorstep. Enticing photographs accompany fun, interactive exercises. An inspiring addition to the Nature Activity section of your bookshelf.”

—Clare Walker Leslie
Author of The Nature Connection and Keeping a Nature Journal

“In 10 years, your kids probably aren’t going to remember the video game or iPhone app they were playing, but I guarantee you they’ll remember digging in the dirt with the activities from this wonderful book. Get out there and get your hands dirty with them!”

—Stacy Tornio
Author of The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book and Project Garden

“This clearly designed book is full of easy-to-follow, achievable activities, inviting children to run outside, be creative, and discover the magic of the wild world.”

—Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks
Authors of The Stick Book and seven other Going Wild books

“Asia Citro’s book, A Little Bit of Dirt, inspires my imagination! Seriously. I can’t wait to make dandelion bubbles with the neighborhood kids! Kids love to be active, to be outdoors, to be creative. Asia’s book incorporates all of this and more. I highly recommend that all kids discover the outdoors through Asia’s creative activities, including my favorites: Nature Boats, Texture Garden, and Nature Weaving. Kids will learn to treasure and care for their outdoor environment while using imagination and creativity.”

—MaryAnn F. Kohl
Bestselling author of over 20 children’s art books

A Little Bit of Dirt, recognizes, quite rightly, that nature is the perfect classroom for kids. Asia’s book is the ideal resource for anyone wanting to teach children important lessons through play, exploration... and getting just a little bit muddy!”

—Dawn Isaac
Author of 101 Things for Kids To Do Outside, 101 Things for Kids To Do On A Rainy Day, and Garden Crafts for Children

“With inviting photographs and activities that dazzle, Asia Citro’s A Little Bit of Dirt is a treasure trove of ideas to inspire families to get outside and delight in nature. From building and listening to Rain Drums to creating a Texture Garden, Earthworm Towers, Sun Prints, and Sticky Nature Bracelets, this book is chock full of fresh ideas for getting kids to wonder about the hows, the whys, and the what’s that nature has to offer. This book is going in my library and when it does, more than likely it will be well-worn and covered with a little bit of dirt!”

—Lynn Brunelle
Author of Camp Out! The Ultimate Kids’ Guide and Pop Bottle Science